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The Space Traveller’s Lover – Masterful Storytelling

Dear readers, I would like to share some of the fantastic reviews about The Space Traveller’s Lover: Omara Williams’ masterful storytelling and vivid world-building create an immersive reading experience that will keep fans of the genre thoroughly engaged. The author expertly weaves together elements of science fiction and adventure, creating a compelling blend with elements

The Space Traveller’s Lover – Certificate of Honour

Dear readers, I am thrilled, honoured and humbled to have received the Certificate of Honour from VORAKA magazine in recognition of my literary contributions. The certificate acknowledges that my book, “The Space Traveller’s Lover”, has had a profound impact on readers around the world. And I can see that this is indeed the case when

The Space Traveller’s Lover on VORAKA Magazine’s “Must-read books”

VORAKA Magazine’s May 2023 issue features The Space Traveller’s Lover  in the list of “Must-Read Books that will blow your mind!” GET READY FOR YOUR NEXT OBSESSION: EXPLORE MUST-READ BOOKS OF THE MONTH THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! ( VORAKA magazine ( ) is a monthly fashion, lifestyle & literary magazine that covers numerous

The Space Traveller’s Lover at the London International Book Fair

I was so happy to attend the London International Book Fair yesterday, the 20th of April at Olympia London. It was fascinating to see so many exhibitors and visitors. And of course to see my book on the New Titles Showcase exhibition! I met many authors and marketing personnel and talked to them about my

The Space Traveller’s Lover – Book Excellence Awards Certificate

Here it is! The beautiful certificate and letter for Literary Excellence! Dear Omara, It is with great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for the following book and category: Book Title: The Space Traveller’s Lover Category: Science Fiction There were thousands of entries from around the

The Space Traveller’s Lover – Book Excellence Awards Finalist

Book Title: The Space Traveller’s Lover   Category: Science Fiction There were thousands of entries from around the world, and your book was selected for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal. Here is the Link!/The-Space-Travellers-Lover-Science-Fiction/p/532989652/category=145959644   Here is the page: Do aliens exist? And if they do, where are they? What if you knew

The Space Traveller’s Lover – DE MODE Magazine Best Books in 2023

The Space Traveller’s Lover ( ) has been selected as one of the Top 18 unputdownable books in 2023 by the prestigious magazine DE MODE. My book being published in DE MODE is a fantastic opportunity and a privilege. Being featured in such interesting and diverse content makes me feel special. And having the unique

The Space Traveller’s Lover – What if an alien falls in love with you?

What if an alien falls in love with you? Wait.Yes, aliens do exist in the world created by the author. Rom Ghenshar is the alien race who has come to eradicate the human race by creating exact replicas of humans while sucking in the remaining resources present on the planet earth. However, a slight deviation

The Space Traveller’s Lover – An epic battle between love and power

The Space Traveller’s Lover by Omara Williams is a Visionary Science Fiction Romance Novel Filled with Masterful Twists and Turns An epic battle between love and power, Omara Williams’ The Space Traveller’s Lover offers a thought-provoking, thrilling adventure with the destiny of an entire planet at stake. The Space Traveller’s Lover is a The story