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His Mission Was To Wipe Out Humans..Science fiction books, Romance science fiction books, Romance books on science fiction, Alien sci-fi romance books, Books about alien romance, Best sci fiction books, Military science fiction literature, Dystopian novels, Apocalyptic science fiction books, Alien invasion booksUntil He Became Obsessed with One.

Rothwen never shows mercy. An elite and vanguard soldier for a powerful alien race, he swore undying loyalty to the vengeance-fuelled invasion that’s set on wiping out Earth. But when he stumbles upon Erin, a bright and enigmatic human, he does the unthinkable – he brings her into his world..

Rothwen quickly finds himself locked in a profound struggle against everything he’s ever known. Erin is suddenly caught up in a brutal conflict that will decide the fate of humanity while she wrestles with her deep attraction to Rothwen and her loyalty to her own species. Their two worlds are destined to collide, but one wrong step could mean the end of everything Erin holds dear.

Can she outwit the alien’s destructive plans and save Earth from annihilation? Will she find true love with the all-powerful alien soldier who stole her heart?

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