The Space Traveller’s Lover is a multi-award winning sci-fi novel

Dear Readers

Over the past week, my first published science-fiction novel has received two awards:

  • The American Writing Award ( Fiction-Thriller )
  • The Readers’ Choice Book Award ( Best Books for Adults )

This now adds to the previous three awards:

  • Book Excellence Award ( Science-Fiction )
  • Global Books Award ( Science Fiction Romance )
  • BookFest Award ( Science-Fiction )

For a grand total of 5 awards so far in 2023!

And recently I was also notified that my book has made it into the Long List for the Chanticller International Book Awards in the High-Stakes Thriller Category. Watch this Space!

This is very exciting news! I hope my readership increases and many more book lovers out there get to know and enjoy my book, as well as understand the deep message of love and resilience against all odds that the story conveys.

While writing my book, I always had the reader in mind; what would they think? How would they feel? There are many important messages that I want the readers to take away from my book. They are important to me because they represent my values.

We live on a beautiful, unique planet; let’s preserve its rich biodiversity and delicate environment. Let’s love our planet. We can’t discard the possibility of an alien invasion, and we must be prepared. Hostility is not an option. And finally, even when all hope is lost, never give up. Love is all you need when there seems to be no tomorrow.

Published by AuthorHouse, The Space Traveller’s Lover is available on Amazon Worldwide in hardcover, softcover and kindle formats.

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The Space Traveller's Lover - American Writing Award and Readers' Choice Book Awards Winner

The Space Traveller’s Lover – American Writing Award and Readers’ Choice Book Awards Winner


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