Month: December 2023

Month: December 2023

The Space Traveller’s Lover – Outstanding Creator Competition Winner in 2023!

Dear readers, The Space Traveller’s Lover is an Outstanding Creator Competition Winner for the Science-fiction and Romance categories !!! The following is the complete list of awards received: Sci-fi – 2nd Place Romance – Third Place Best Character – Erin/Shaillah from “The Space Traveller’s Lover” Omara Williams ( Honourable Mention ) Best Supporting Character – Sam

The Space Traveller’s Lover Latest Book Review by Literary Titan

Dear Readers, I’d like to share the Latest Review by Literary Titan Book Review: AN IMMERSIVE AND VIVIVID UNIVERSE The Space Traveller’s Lover, by Omara Williams, is a science fiction romance that features both aliens and humans. Rothwen is an elite soldier, one who is always the vanguard and never shows mercy. But before he

The Space Traveller’s Lover is a multi-award winning sci-fi novel

Dear Readers Over the past week, my first published science-fiction novel has received two awards: The American Writing Award ( Fiction-Thriller ) The Readers’ Choice Book Award ( Best Books for Adults ) This now adds to the previous three awards: Book Excellence Award ( Science-Fiction ) Global Books Award ( Science Fiction Romance )