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The Space Traveller’s Lover, by Omara Williams, is a science fiction romance that features both aliens and humans. Rothwen is an elite soldier, one who is always the vanguard and never shows mercy. But before he leads a vengeance-fuelled invasion to wipe out Earth, he finds himself intrigued by one human–Erin. When Erin finds herself transformed into an alien on her sixteenth birthday, she is torn between her desire for Rothwen and her loyalty to humans.

Omara Williams excels in world-building in this young adult novel. Although I feel the initial exposition is a bit heavy, it sets the stage for a vividly imagined universe. Williams’ imagination shines, particularly in the alien landscapes. The characters are relatable, with Erin and Sam authentically embodying their teenage roles. Rothwen and his fellow soldiers add a layer of complexity, their moods hinting at deeper, unexplored backstories, leaving room for further instalments. The dynamics among the human characters, including the tension between Sam’s sister and Erin, and the protective stance of Erin’s adoptive father, are intriguing, though I believe they may leave some readers curious for more depth. Erin’s journey is a true adventure, culminating in a transformative discovery of her true self.

The Space Traveller’s Lover, by Omara Williams, dazzles with its wonderful world-building, creating an immersive and vivid universe. Williams’ strength in crafting an enchanting setting makes this a noteworthy read for fans of imaginative sci-fi. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore new and promising authors in the science fiction/fantasy genre.

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