The Space Traveller’s Lover – BookFest Award Winner!

The Space Traveller’s Lover is a BookFest 2023 Awards Winner!

I am thrilled and honoured to receive this distinguished award and to share my book with readers across the globe!

The Space Traveller’s Lover – The BookFest

The Space Traveller’s Lover’s unique universe is expansive and rich in detail.

The fast-paced narrative expertly blends alien technologies, cultures, and our familiar Earth setting, showcasing a fascinating visual storytelling experience.

The plot, ripe with interstellar conflicts, captures the essence of what it means to be human, even from an alien’s perspective. It addresses the idea that love can transcend worlds, species, and even personal beliefs. Rothwen, an embodiment of loyalty to his species, finds himself questioning everything he’s ever known due to his encounter with Erin. This narrative duality of Rothwen’s war-torn allegiance and Erin’s struggle to stay true to her own species whilst navigating her newfound feelings for her captor, make the book an intense emotional roller-coaster.

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This is the magnificent letter BookFest sent me when I received the award:


You Are a Winner in

The BookFest® Awards!

We’re thrilled to honor you with a BookFest Award, recognizing your exceptional literary achievement. Your submission was meticulously evaluated by The BookFest judging team, passing through multiple stages of review. Plus, many of the esteemed BookFest Bellwethers lent their expertise to ensure the integrity and thoroughness of the judging process.


The caliber of entries received this season was truly impressive, making your win all the more noteworthy. We’re deeply appreciative of your contribution to the literary world. At The BookFest, we hold a strong belief in the transformative power of storytellers. Your award underscores your significant impact on readers across the globe.



BookFest Awards Winner 2023

BookFest Awards Winner 2023


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