The Space Traveller’s Lover on DE MODE magazine – February 2024 Issue

Dear Readers,

It is an honour and a privilege to have my debut novel “The Space Traveller’s Lover” featured in DE MODE magazine – February 2024 Issue, paying homage to Cambridge Authors.

The city of Cambridge, with its vibrant zest for knowledge and baroque architecture, is the perfect environment for constant innovation and artistic inspiration.

Cambridge’s contribution to world literature is a testament to the enduring power of education, creativity, and intellectual inquiry. From ancient libraries to bustling student unions, the university’s legacy in literature is a living, breathing entity that continues to inspire and shape the literary landscape of tomorrow.

The literature section of DE MODE is devoted to publishing literary works, such as short stories, poems, and essays. This section also includes book reviews and author interviews. The literature section of DE MODE is typically aimed at readers who are interested in literature and enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction works. The works published in this section are often written by established authors, but may also include works by emerging writers. The ‘DE MODE OF LITERATURE’ section is a great way for readers to discover new writers and works, and for writers to showcase their talent and reach new audiences.

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  1. Congratulations on being featured on the front cover of DE MODE! How does it feel to have your work recognised in such a prestigious way?


I’m honoured and thrilled to be featured on the front cover of DE MODE magazine, featuring such diverse and fascinating content and reaching thousands of readers worldwide. I’m excited that many more readers will learn about my book, and I hope they find it as fascinating as I do. My book has been shown previously in DE MODE’s March 2023 issue, making it doubly special, and I’m very grateful for this fantastic opportunity.


  1. “The Space Traveller’s Lover” has garnered several accolades, including being a Book Excellence Award Finalist, Global Book Awards Winner, and BookFest Awards Winner. How do these achievements impact your writing journey?


The first time I won an award, I was in disbelief as I had not expected it. But then there were several awards after that, including the most recent Outstanding Creator and Literary Titan Awards. It has been overwhelming but, at the same time, revealing and rewarding. The judges’ praise and encouragement uplifted my spirits and convinced me to keep writing.



  1. Your book was previously listed in DE MODE’s “Unputdownable Books for 2023.” What do you think sets “The Space Traveller’s Lover” apart and makes it so engaging for readers?


Writing “The Space Traveller’s Lover”, I always had the readers in mind; how would they feel? what would they do in similar situations? That is why the reviews from my readers are so special to me.

Here is a passage from one of my reader’s reviews that sums up the overall theme of my book reviews:

What sets this novel apart is its ability to balance intense emotional drama with a compelling sci-fi narrative. Williams’ skilful world-building and imaginative storytelling keep the pages turning, while her attention to character development ensures a deeply engaging and heartwarming journey.”

  1. Balancing a successful career as a software manager and a passion for writing can be challenging. How do you manage to find time for both, and do you see any connections between your professional and creative pursuits?


Finding time was difficult initially, but when I became determined to publish my book, I followed a strict schedule and stuck to it. There is a deep connection between my professional and creative pursuits because I used everything I had learned in my scientific and technical career in many areas of my narrative. The descriptions of the alien technology, invasion and world-building are all based on scientific facts with futuristic twists and thought-provoking ideas, making the story otherworldly but believable.


  1. Your educational background includes a BSc Honours degree in Nuclear Engineering and Information Technology diplomas. How have these diverse academic experiences influenced your writing, especially in the science-fiction genre?


Having a science background definitely helps me to write a science-fiction story. A passion for technology and an insatiable curiosity make writing immensely enjoyable as I explore the fantastic mysteries of our physical world and let my imagination run free. The creation and pondering process is so rewarding that it compels me to keep writing.


  1. Living in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with a family, how does your personal life and environment inspire or influence your writing?


Living in Cambridge, United Kingdom, where all my scientific heroes, for example, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawkins, lived or worked, is very special to me; I usually visit museums, read their books and get inspired by their life stories.

My family is very supportive, especially when I spend hours and hours in front of the computer. They love my stories, read them, and give me feedback.


  1. You’re known for your interest in science, technology, and ancient alien theories. How do these interests find their way into your storytelling, and how do you strike a balance between scientific accuracy and creative imagination?


As I write, I let my imagination flow without limits and write about all my ideas as they appear in my mind, however implausible. Afterwards, I organise them into a central theme and arrange the story arc. My scientific background and travelling experiences to archaeological sites help me in my journey of writing science-fiction stories. While trying to explain the mysteries of our time, I speculate about situations that could come true even if we have not experienced them yet, always considering the concepts and scientific laws we have discovered so far.


  1. “The Space Traveller’s Lover” has achieved international success, becoming an Amazon #1 bestseller in the YA War & Military Fiction category. What do you think resonates with readers in this particular genre, and did you expect such widespread popularity?


The extraterrestrial invasion, robotics, artificial intelligence, limitless energy sources, and the aliens’ war tactics and strategies are unique in my book, all seamlessly interacting to give an out-of-this-world experience that leaves the readers thinking long after they finish reading the book. I never expected this popularity, but I am delighted that my book inspires far more readers than I thought.

  1. Your journey is often cited as a testament to the idea that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions. Can you share a pivotal moment when you decided to prioritise your love for writing alongside your career in software management?


Rather than a pivotal moment, it was an accumulation of ideas and plans that kept revolving in my mind until they compelled me to do something about it. It was a journey of discovery of who I truly am, culminating in the mesmerising story of “The Space Traveller’s Lover”.



  1. As an award-winning software manager, how does your analytical mindset contribute to your approach to storytelling and crafting intricate plots in your novels?


In my work, I have to apply an analytical and logical approach to resolve complex problems and write detailed technical documentation to share and review new ideas and architectural designs. I use the same approach in storytelling, with the only difference being that I introduce mystery and suspense into the narrative while taking the readers on an futuristic adventure through the characters’ wishes, conflicts and emotions.


  1. Watching the night sky, investigating ancient alien theories, and chasing total solar eclipses are mentioned as some of your hobbies. How do these activities feed into your creativity and influence the themes in your writing?


Watching the night sky, investigating ancient alien theories, and chasing total solar eclipses have taken me to unique places on our wonderful planet. I have witnessed nature at its most beautiful and acquired so much knowledge from these endeavours that most of these concepts are an integral part of the story of “The Space Traveller’s Lover”.


  1. How do you handle the pressure and expectations that come with achieving such high recognition for your work, particularly when working on future projects?

Of course, the stakes are higher now than when I started. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my readers who are eagerly expecting the second part of “The Space Traveller’s Lover”. I am aiming for a higher target now,  but I am sure that my second published book will also be a success, given the wealth of experience I gained after writing my first.


  1. Can you share any upcoming projects or works in progress that your readers can look forward to?


I am currently working on the second novel in what I plan as a series for “The Space Traveller’s Lover”. Many storylines from my first book are waiting to be explored and developed further, and I am gathering all these ideas and doing a scrapbook with pictures and texts, which I intend to put together for the sequel.


  1. In the rapidly evolving landscape of literature, how do you see the role of science fiction in inspiring readers and shaping conversations about technology and the future?


Science fiction has always played a role in shaping ideas and concepts for future technical breakthroughs. For example, the ideas of Earth’s orbital satellites and android robots first appeared as science fiction stories and are now an established reality. As we unleash our imaginations, we can explore technically impossible concepts and develop innovative solutions we had never heard of before. That is why science fiction is so important as an inspirational source for the next generation of scientific discoveries.


  1. Your book has been celebrated in multiple award categories. How do you see the intersection of romance and science fiction in your work, and what do you believe makes this combination appealing to a wide audience?


In “The Space Traveller’s Lover”, I wanted to explore the specific case of alien romance,  impossible love, and fatal attraction within the science-fiction background. Once aliens meet humans, their different origins can play a decisive part in a unique plot that could not possibly happen had the lovers been only humans.

As the readers explore the story’s fascinating world and experience intense emotions through the main character, Erin, they are drawn into a thought-provoking, suspenseful narrative that ultimately takes them into their own journey of self-discovery and their hopes for a better future.

Even non-science-fiction fans find the book both profound and entertaining, as the story’s exploration of love, humanity, and survival makes for a compelling, unputdownable reading.



The Space Traveller's Lover on DE MODE magazine - February 2024 Issue

The Space Traveller’s Lover on DE MODE magazine – February 2024 Issue

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