The Space Traveller’s Lover – Do aliens exist? And if they do, where are they?

Do aliens exist? If they do, where are they?

The protagonist of this book is Erin Lobart. This is a time when our beloved Earth has been deprived of its limited resources, and people are scourging for the basic amenities of life like food and water.

Erin lives on the remote island of Tinian with her parents. She was adopted when she was young, and now, with her parents and a few rescue teams, she was mobilising food and medicine for survival.

However, there was an important discovery which would really change the dynamics of their survival rate on this planet Earth.

What if you knew that the aliens have camouflaged as humans and are living amongst us?

They are not here for a visit but are set for destruction and revenge.

As Erin and her friend Sam discover this, they somehow want to stop this apocalypse. Meanwhile, Erin falls in love.

What is going to happen to the fate of the Earth and our civilisation?

Can love save them from further destruction, or will it be the end of it?

This is a fantastic sci-fi novel I have read in recent times. The plot is gripping, and the characterisation is well-rounded.

The author rightly articulated her views about the current state of Earth we find ourselves in and gave us a futuristic glimpse of what is bound to happen if we are not in touch with this grim reality and embrace sustainable living.

I loved the Alien element in this book; it is surely a treat for fiction lovers!

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