The Space Traveller’s Lover – Love like never before

Review by Saloni:

The space travellers lover is a masterpiece of wordsmanship, packed with breathless action, bone-chilling thriller and love like never felt before. The protagonist of the story, Erin Lobart, lives with her adoptive parents on the island of Tinian. The story takes us to the late 21st century, where flood and drought have devastated the once green and pulchritudinous mother Earth, making her inhabitable. Many died and the ones surviving are struggling hard, just to see another beautiful sunrise.

The quest to discover the unknown is a perpetual trait, not limited to only humans. Thousands of years ago, aliens came to it but set foot on the wrong side of the universe to take over Earth. Our ancestors fought them off for peace and harmony to spread once again; little did they know that this peace was not lasting long. They came back a couple thousand later. Revenge is all they seek now.

This is a fast-paced story and it will take you through ups and downs in a manner that you won’t blink your eyes till the end of it.

Erin falls in love, but not with someone she should. She discovers things in her she never knew existed. The fate of humanity is on her, her destiny, on the hand of that someone she knows a lot of. A perfectly scribbled tale of events occurring in the huge vastness of space-time.

🌼A thriller-filled, action-packed novel for all the sci-fi lovers out there. The space traveller’s lover by Omara Williams is also a perfect novel to be your first sci-fi novel. There won’t be a single moment in the entire novel that will fail to prove itself worth reading. It is a must-read novel

Read and listen to Chapter 1 here : Book Excerpt – Omara Williams (

Author Omara Williams

Omara Williams’ debut sci-fi novel

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