The Space Traveller’s Lover – Impossible love

About the plot: Ten thousand years ago, an alien race, the Rom-Ghenshar, was driven from Earth by ancient humans. They have returned to Earth using perfect human replicas to understand and eventually control the human mind. Stronger, invincible, immortal, and with a technical superiority beyond comprehension, the aliens are fuelled by a zest for revenge while plundering Earth’s remaining resources.

The Rom-Ghenshars have remodelled themselves into a genetically superior race and removed any feelings or emotions they consider a weakness. They don’t feel fear, guilt or remorse, and most importantly, they never fall in love.

Rothwen, a headstrong and ruthless alien soldier, develops an intense obsession with Erin, a bright young human student with a mysterious past. He decides to bring Erin into his world, changing all the invasion plans to be with her, just for his pleasure. The pair embark on a passionate affair that sees Rothwen fight against his will, plans, and supreme commander.

Once Erin is with the aliens, she discovers their immense destructive powers. While the aliens promise the humans that they have come peacefully, Erin suspects that not all is as it seems.

Erin’s future and that of planet Earth depend on her next actions. She often wonders where her loyalty lies. Is it with the humans or the aliens?

Will she stay with her best friend from childhood who loves her deeply? Or will she stay with the ruthless alien soldier who shows no mercy?

Will she be able to overturn the aliens’ destructive plans?

Can Erin and Rothwen ever truly have a future together, and does it necessitate destroying humanity’s future to achieve it?

Is the human race even worth saving, for that matter, when they have been such poor custodians of their own planet?

The story’s central theme is the love between humans, between humans and aliens, and the love for our planet. It will make the reader wonder about their decision-making when confronted with the dilemmas presented in my book. Would we save everything that we cherish in this world, or would we give in to otherworldly temptations?

About the main characters:

Erin, the delicate, beautiful yet strong-willed young student.

Rothwen, the handsome, ruthless and impulsive Rom-Ghenshar master navigator.

Kuzhma-Or, the powerful and flamboyant Rom-Ghenshar supreme commander.

Athguer, the intelligent and sophisticated Rom-Ghenshar chief scientist

Zula-Or, the wise, elegant and majestic Rom-Ghenshar councillor.

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