The Space Traveller’s Lover – “A stirring literary debut that will win your heart.”

The genres of romance and science fiction don’t typically snuggle side by side, but new novel The Space Traveller’s Lover by debut author Omara Williams proves that when handled correctly they can make for the ultimate power couple.

This wonderfully immersive story is set on a future Earth that is feeling the full impact of decades of environmental harm.

As the novel opens, we are introduced to Erin, a beautiful and independent teenager who feels like she doesn’t belong. That’s a fairly typical teenage issue, but her purple eyes and precocious intelligence suggest there may be more to it than just angst.

Working on her adopted parent’s tuna farm when not at school, she feels lost in the mundanity of life. Her close friend Sam provides something of a romantic frisson but it can’t compare to the awe-inspiring recurring dream she’s been having, of a truly alien vista and a dashing man watching her from afar.

Things, however, start to fall into place when she is kidnapped by the literal man of her dreams, Rothwen. 

 An elite member of the Rom-Ghenshars, an advanced alien race, he has travelled across the stars to help lead an invasion of Earth—one that will strip the planet of all its resources and bring long-overdue revenge.

While Rothwen is a man of little emotion, like all his people, he has become smitten with Erin from his home world before before deciding to lure her to him, even though this is strictly outside of the mission plan.

His fascination stems in part from the fact that Erin has a unique ancestral legacy. Addressing her by the new name of ‘Shaillah’, he invites her to embrace her true heritage and powers, and stay with him during the invasion.

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