The Space Traveller’s Lover – Dreams

Chapter 1 – Dreams

Sometimes, the one thing you desperately want is the one thing that keeps slipping away. Then you try harder, Erin thinks to herself as she closes her eyes.

All she can hear is her fast breathing, but she won’t stop running through the endless corridors, her bare feet stamping hard on the marbled floor. A bright, beckoning light flashes in the distance, and she accelerates even more. Soon she finds herself at the shore of a multicoloured ocean, separating her from a sky-piercing tower. Flickering sunbeams break through the far horizon, reflecting on the thin edges of the glassy structure.
A sudden gust of wind lifts her body and spins it over the ocean, her long waving hair wrapping tightly around her neck. She cries out loud until her hurting throat makes her cough. She kicks and flutters, trying to find her balance, but ends up spinning even faster.
Through her blurred vision, she discerns the dashing silhouette of a golden-uniformed soldier standing in front of the tower. She anxiously extends her arms in a vain attempt to reach him while he speaks to her softly, as if oblivious to her torment …

Listen to the whole chapter here: The Space Travellers’ Lover by Omara “Omy” Williams | Listen via Hubhopper

Enjoy the beautiful and emotional narrative as Erin wakes up on another ordinary day in her mundane life, or so she thinks …


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