The Space Traveller’s Lover – DREAMS BECOME REALITY

The Space Traveller’s Lover begins within the recurring dream of our protagonist, Erin, where she is running through a futuristic marble corridor leading to the wide expanse of a multicoloured ocean. It is strangely beautiful, yet somehow familiar to Erin as her dream ends in the way it always does — with her being unable to reach a mysterious stranger watching her from a distance.

Outside of her wild dreams, Erin is the adopted child of the well-known Lobart family living on a tropical island called Tinian, going to school and working at her family’s successful Tuna Farm. She leads a completely mundane life, carefree and unaware of the unearthly qualities she possesses that both draw attention and unnerve those in the presence of her gifted mind and large purple eyes. Mundane that is — until she decides to finally follow a mysterious orange light she has been seeing more and more often, coming from the dangerous caves of a nearby island …

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As the shimmering mist glistens in rainbow-like hues, her expectation
grows. With her polarised pupils, she focuses on an emerging glow breaking
through the horizon.

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