The Space Traveller’s Lover – Literary Titan Awards Winner 2024

Dear Readers

I want to share the latest exciting news about The Space Traveller’s Lover being selected as a Literary Titan Silver Book Awards Winner- Fiction Category for 2024!

The Literary Titan Silver Book Awards:

Celebrating the genius of exceptional writers who have mesmerized us with distinctive prose, vibrant settings, and intriguing personas.

Explore a cosmos of fresh creativity, acknowledging novels that shine due to their inventive plots and exceptional storytelling.

Join us in recognizing the commitment and effort of these notable authors as we celebrate the wonderful universes they’ve created.

I have received this beautiful letter from Literary Titan’s Editor in Chief:

🏆 Congratulations!
We are proud to present you with our Literary Titan Book Award.

Your book deserves extraordinary praise, and we are proud to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and writing talent.

Start telling the world that you’re an award-winning author because we will be!

The Literary Titan Book Awards stand as a mark of distinction, recognizing excellence in writing that is both innovative and impactful.

Every month, we bestow these awards on books and authors that have captivated our minds and hearts with their unique literary expressions. We seek out works that boast unique writing styles, the construction of vivid, immersive worlds, complex characters, and innovative ideas. The books we honor through this award are those that we have reviewed through our Book Review Service and found to resonate deeply due to their remarkable qualities.

The Literary Titan Book Award recognizes the hard work, dedication, and exceptional writing skills that authors invest in their books. We are proud to acknowledge these significant contributions to literature and to offer a platform where such talent can be celebrated.

The Literary Titan Silver Book Award is granted to books that demonstrate notable merit in the realm of literary creation, both in fiction and non-fiction genres. This award acknowledges books that deliver engaging and inventive content with a distinctive voice. We commend the careful cultivation of unique characters or subjects and their placement in an enriching and captivating context. It values works that successfully introduce or support interesting concepts, either through a well-structured narrative in fiction or through persuasive discourse in non-fiction. The award is an esteemed recognition of books that exhibit substantial talent, creativity, and commitment to the craft of writing.

Thank you for letting us read your fantastic book!

I am so thrilled and honoured to receive this award in the Fiction category; I was not expecting it at all!

You can read my interview with Literary Titan here:  Author Interview Link: ​

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Literary Titan Silver Book Awards - Fiction Category

Literary Titan Silver Book Awards – Fiction Category


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