The Space Traveller’s Lover – What if an alien falls in love with you?

What if an alien falls in love with you?

Wait.Yes, aliens do exist in the world created by the author.

Rom Ghenshar is the alien race who has come to eradicate the human race by creating exact replicas of humans while sucking in the remaining resources present on the planet earth.

However, a slight deviation to their plan occurs when “Rothwen”, who is a headstrong and ruthless alien soldier,  is infatuated by a human “Erin”, a bright young human student with a mysterious past. He takes her to his planet even though it will jeopardize the plan of occupying Earth.

Erin learns a lot about the Rom Ghenshars. Now, with such access, only Erin will be able to save the further destruction of the planet earth and save the human race from becoming extinct.

Now as Erin is exposed to the enemy territory, she learns of ways in which they operate. Erin is determined to save her planet, but how will she do it?

Will she get the help of any aliens in her endeavour?

The vividness of the plot kept me hooked throughout. The author’s language drew me into a future which might come true for our planet if we aren’t careful about the sustainable utilisation of our resources.

A very thoughtful, futuristic and apocalyptic science fiction novel which have read in the recent past.

A very well-written book with several twists and turns which makes it a page-turner. The author’s imaginative writing surely got goosebumps to me.

 I picked this book, and I was blown away by the author’s style of writing and the plotline.

Highly recommended.

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Love like never before

What if an alien fall in love with you?


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