The Space Traveller’s Lover – Review by Ethan King, Crown Books NYC

Omara Williams did an excellent job of introducing readers to her world. It is not a standard fiction book with a predictable plot. The author did an AMAZING job with the beginning, transporting readers to a realm that no one has ever imagined! It was a difficult choice for all of us because it led us to the conclusion of subjectively questioning ourselves, such as if we should save ourselves or the one we love. The way she sets out the dilemma at the start of the book tells readers how to make sensible decisions.

This is a topnotch book that even a bestselling author would purchase. Let’s give this debut a way and a road to success! The book will surely captivate the gen-z, millennials, and young at heart for it shows how to make the right decision in life and never get blinded as what love can do at the early stages of life.

Now pick it up and start reading because I’ve heard the author is working on the sequel. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a collection.


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