Tag: alien abduction

Tag: alien abduction

The Space Traveller’s Lover Main Plot

Ten thousand years ago, an alien race was driven from Earth by ancient humans. They have returned to Earth using perfect human replicas to understand and eventually control the human mind. Stronger, invincible, immortal, and with a technical superiority beyond comprehension, the aliens are fuelled by a zest for revenge while plundering Earth’s remaining resources.

About writing “The Space Traveller’s Lover”

When did you first WANT to write a book? Since I was very young, I have loved reading and writing. Every day, I spent hours imagining characters and situations and then would sit down and write for hours. I would be inspired by anything I would see in my surroundings, and I would come up

About Alien Romance

Science-fiction is the perfect backdrop for creating exotic and outrageous new worlds, conjuring fascinating ideas of advanced civilizations, and confronting our own doubts and fears while exploring how we would react to the unexpected in this mysterious and seemingly infinite universe we inhabit. The readers have the freedom to place themselves inside this imaginary environment